Co-living & Serviced Residence


Hong Kong

Oootopia is an innovative serviced residence concept with an aim to provide solutions to the saturated housing market and restore humanity into urban residential living. The Oootopia portfolio currently has three premises in Hong Kong – over 48,000 sq ft in total, of which locations have been strategically selected. All residences are suited with award-winning and smart designs to cater for the living needs with privacy, personalization and comfort. With an emphasis on community, each premises is equipped with abundant communal space including kitches, living and dining area to encourage social interaction and collaboration among like-minded residents.

Our Strategy

Capturing the growing trend of a sharing economy, our philosophy was to provide a home – a perfect choice of living in an urban setting with combined elements of design, community and convenience. We targeted assets along the transit nodes and created value through converting hotel or residential properties into branded living offerings. Oootopia was founded by ARCH as a serviced residence brand and operating platform, with the three O’s – Opportunity, Openness, Originality, each representing the core value of our living concept. With an established core project team of leading architects, designers, technical advisors and project management talents, Oootopia’s initial footprint extended into three premises in Hong Kong within 18 months. Our vision is to continue with the growth and expansion of the Oootopia portfolio across the Asia Pacific. 

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